Global logistics has changed forever because of the ongoing pandemic and now the war in Ukraine.Ensuring a smoothly running supply chain, inventory control and the associated processes in production has become more important than ever.

Die Sicherstellung der Lieferketten und den damit verbundenen reibungslosen Ablauf in der Fertigung wird immer bedeutsamer und die Kontrolle der Bestände so wichtig wie nie zuvor.

The frequent reaction is panic buying to maintain safety stocks in Europe, which leads to significant increases in inventories.

Which leads to shortages in suitable storage facilities.

While, at the same time costs increase because of the current high inflation the world is experiencing.

We can help!

CVS is your reliable partner who works to optimise transport and storage to control costs.

Our team will be happy to support your operations and find solutions together with you.


Our intentions are to offer you customised solutions for your specific needs.
Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your enquiry and the exchange with you.
We make time for you!
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