Our world has changed significantly in recent years.
Globalisation has played a major role in bringing continents together and changing industries.
However, the ongoing pandemic and the recent outbreak of war, has resulted in many new challenges to secure the flow of goods worldwide.

Equipment (container) shortages and other distribution issues lead to difficulties in placing containers for loading in the right place at the right time.

Not enough new refrigerated containers are being manufactured to replace older refrigerated containers that need to be retired.

Reefer ships (banana freighters) have become obsolete because they cannot be operated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Instead, cargo is being loaded into refrigerated containers, which increases the pressure on supply and availability.

A lack of skilled personnel has brought about a worldwide general backlog on air and sea terminals, resulting in very long waiting times before the cargo can be collected from the terminals for delivery to the consignees.

The industrial JIT philosophy and associated rolling stock contributes to the current shortage of vehicles.

Delays in transport have become the order of the day.

CVS actively works to counteract these problems by optimising routes through independent rebooking.

Route optimising by sea, air and land is our daily business.

A partner like CVS helps to keep costs down to an acceptable level.


Our intentions are to offer you customised solutions for your specific needs.
Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your enquiry and the exchange with you.
We make time for you!
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